3 Tips to Improve Your Self-confidence

3 Tips to Improve Confidence

Improve confidence. It is THE ONE thing that either makes you or breaks you. You have confidence, you’re unstoppable, you can do anything. You lack confidence… ergh, you will not get that what you want. Full stop.

Naturally, I am not one of the most confident people. I have a tendency to over-analyse things, get into my head which leads to my feeling pretty insecure a big chunk of the time. But guess what? People don’t pick up on that. Most of those who meet me say I strike them as a confident person. Huh? So, how do I do it?

1. Catch myself when I have petty inner talk

Yes, spot on, you little draggers! I catch my unworthiness thoughts as they are creeping into my mind and I decide they are untrue. Now, this doesn’t come easy. it does need some practise. Start here: notice how you talk to yourself before an important event. Take the example of a work situation or meeting someone you really, really, really like. What pops up in that little head of yours?

Anca Stefania Iorgulescu Improve Confidence


2. Change body posture to improve confidence

Unconsciously, a sloughing posture sends the brain the message “hey, I don’t feel great about myself” which negatively impacts our self-esteem and confidence in our decision-making. Have you heard of the power pose or the Superman pose? A confident, tall, uplifted posture, lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the brain. Also, whenever you get into a debate on your worth and start having negative inner talk, get your butt up and do some yoga or go for a run or just stand up tall.


3. Repeat personal mantra

Do you run, workout, wash the dishes, at least? Design a personal mantra that works for you. One of mine is “I am unstoppable. I am powerful beyond measure.” When I go for a jog or when I lift weights, I repeatedly say this to myself. The deal with the mind is that whatever you feed it, that’s what’s nurturing it. Do why not feed it juicy, delicious confidence on a daily basis?!

You’ve got this! Stay true, be fool, be cool!


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